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 How to report an OP (Over Powerd) Player

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PostSubject: How to report an OP (Over Powerd) Player   Thu Jul 19, 2012 11:23 am

To report a OP player this is the format on how to do it
First of all at the bottom of the page it says 'New Topic'
Click that and then at the top where it says 'Title of the Topic'
Put The players name e.g 'iiRAZZAii' Then how they have been over powerd e.g 'iiRAZZAii caught using tnt in creative'
Then in the 'Message Body' box you put your message like this:

Your Minecraft Name: iiRAZZAii
The hackers Minecraft Name: iiRAZZAii
How they have been over powerd: Blew my base up in creative
What punishment you think they should get: Temp ban for 6 days
An image for proof:

To put an image in click the image icon next to the link button below 'Post a new Topic'
Then upload your image from your desktop to 'IMGUR or Gyazo'
Then paste the link into the box provided then it will show
[ i m g ] LINK [ / i m g ]
Witch just means the image has been placed.

Thank you for following these steps, - iiRAZZAii
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How to report an OP (Over Powerd) Player
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